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    Today we have opened The Public Test Server for testing the Polygon Mode (as well as the Object Mode, in another separate topic). We’re encouraging you, the users, to log in and test the new, updated Polygon mode for Gameleon, and we’re particularly interested to see those of you that may have seen previous incarnations of the editor and the old UI return to test new updates as well as the changes we made to address the feedback provided in the last round for private testing.

    We’re excited to read everyone’s feedback! Please post your thoughts and/or any issues you find here in the Private Beta Forums.

    Because development is ongoing during testing, it should be noted that all changes and updates listed in the update notes should be considered incomplete and are subject to change or removal before release to the live servers. Additionally, the Public Test Server patch notes will be provided in English only.

    To access the Public Test Server (when available):

    • Log in to Gameleon using your username and password, logging in with Facebook or by creating a new account.
    • You will be taken to your account’s list of saved game maps. For a new user, it should be empty.
    • Type in a new map name, select either 2D or 2.5D (Isometric) for the new map then hit Create Map.
    • Begin playing with Gameleon!
    • You will find resources for your testing in the Google Drive folder shared below – this will include 2D & 2.5D maps as well as skins for each perspective.
    • On the left side of the interface you will always have the Save button (Ctrl+S also works).
    • To see your creations in game, click Publish and select the „Playground” Server.
    • Click “Play” after publishing. Note: Character Selection screens are still in development. You will only be able to test your map by roaming as a BugTopia insect for 2D maps or a Polar Bear in 2.5D maps.


    As we are focusing completely on the final development of AI scripting for this round of testing, patch notes will not be provided. Thanks in advance for your participation!

    Login here: http://editor.gameleon.co/

    Google Drive folder with resourceshttps://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B534SRRFNxn_eHBUb3Q5aGJQYUE&usp=sharing

    Have fun testing!


    Key Master

    Notes on the Polygon Mode:

    The polygon mode allows you to upload an image file that you will then use as a map for the game.

    There are several components to a map:

    1. The general map image – the blank sheet you use to draw polygons on top of and that serves as the map players “see” when exploring this part of a game. When you upload an image, it automatically uploads that image as default for the following layers.
    2. Limbo layers – In most MMO’s, when players die, they go to a spirit realm. This is the optional layer for you to upload a special looking version of the general map, visible only to dead players. Once again, this is optional. 
    3. Inside/Outside layers – Let’s say you have a map with a house in the middle. You will be able to define the polygons inside the house as “inside polygons” and those of the surrounding wilderness “outside” polygons. What this means is that, if you upload different versions for the Inside and Outside map image, players will see those maps with respect to the type of polygon they are currently in. For example, a player inside the house will only see the Inside Map version of the General Map, which could just be the interior of the house with the rest of the map blacked out. However, this concept of Inside/Outside can be used to create phasing effects, whereas players, by stepping into different types of polygons, see a changed version of the world around them. This, like the Limbo maps, are optional as well.

    Within the polygon mode, using the Polygon Drawing tool, you will be able to draw nodes that you can close, creating polygons. Note that polygons can be closed using either the interface button or the SHIFT key.

    Polygons are of two types – Wall and Road:

    • Players, monsters and other NPC’s cannot walk through “Wall” polygons, whereas Road polygons are always walkable. You need to define an area of the map using polygons, otherwise the Path-finding algorithm will not recognize blank spaces as polygons.
    • Inside/Outside polygons function as described earlier – players in an Inside polygon will only see the uploaded “Inside Map” image, and players outside the Outside Map image. This is all, however, optional.

    The Polygon mode also features a Polygon Editing tool. With this you can:

    1. Select an existing polygon and drag its nodes, easily changing its shape.
    2. Define it as a Wall or Road
    3. Define it as Inside or Outside
    4. Give it a name
    5. Change its name
    6. Delete it

    To test your map, simply place a player starting point within a Road polygon, hit Publish then hit the play button.

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