Skin Editor – Importing Models From 3D Software (Blender)

Gameleon features an intuitive skin editor for creating the looks of your objects and NPC’s

There are many ways one can bring in objects and models for use in Gameleon, and we’d like to present one such way: integration with Blender, the 3D software that is popular among many modelling enthusiasts. 3D objects created with Blender can be exported as images, ready to be used in your Gameleon game, complete with animations.

Here’s how it’s done:

Camera settings in BlenderCamera settings in Blender

Open your model. In this case, it’s a 3D spider.

Then, you set your scene camera to the isometric view. To do that, you have to first select your camera, then push the NumPad key “5″ to set your camera to orthographic view.

After you do this, press “N” to open the camera’s properties where you will set the location to X:10 , Y:-10, Z:10 and the rotation to X:60, Y:0, Z:45.

Adjust your model to fit well in the camera, then go to the render tab and select the following options: press “Output” and select PNG format, RGBA and the location for the exported files, press “shading” and select Alpha: Transparent or/and press “Film” and select the “transparent” option.

Transparency settings.Transparency settings.

Animation RenderingAnimation Rendering

Now, go to Render on the menu bar and press “Render animation”.

Wait for Blender to complete the process, then open the folder where you chose to export the PNG’s and you will find there all the frames to create the animation.

Your frames are now ready for Gameleon!Your frames are now ready for Gameleon!

Frames are simply dragged and dropped into the interface.Frames are simply dragged and dropped into the interface.

All that is left for you is to go to the Gameleon Skin Editor and drag and drop the .png files into the respective animation slots (in this case, the “walk” animation), hit save – and voila!

A fully usable, animated isometric skin for your Gameleon objects.

Easy as pie!

Credits : “Spider With Walk And Attack Animation” by bderooms,