Open Source

We’ve started Gameleon with the vision of allowing everybody to build a game fast and easy. We chose to follow open standards all the way and provide the tools to visually build the game world. Thus we designed Gameleon to be a platform comprised of two parts:

  • The Editor. This is what makes things very easy for developers, by providing visual tools within a browser. Using this, anybody may create content using any HTML5 enabled device. This is the part which we’re hosting in the cloud and making it available for you from everywhere. To learn more about it, please read the Cloud Game Editor Page.
  • The Realm. This is what you download and own. It holds your games (and others’) and you can run it in many ways. To learn more about it, please read the Aerial View. This is the part which we’re releasing as open source.

Because the game itself is your property, we believe you should own it and be able to modify it completely. We are giving you the tools to change the game visually, to create either a top-down or isometric game easily. However, if there is something that you’d like to modify or add, we are giving you access to the full source code which makes the realm possible.

To read more about how we release this, please read the Gameleon license.

Mozilla WebFWD has welcomed us as part of their program and we’re working together to bring this to reality. Their mission is to release projects such as ours in an open fashion and we’re proud of teaming up with somebody with such a vast experience into Open Source.

There is lots to do, from documenting each function, to providing a comprehensive technical overview, to setting in place all the support a project of this magnitude is able to do.

We are always eager to discuss and welcome people into our community. We are currently working on our community site, but if you’re interested in becoming a developer as soon as possible, please let us know and we’ll do our best to provide you with all the things you need.