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Unleashing the realm

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As promised, we have entered the first stage of releasing our platform: publishing the realm on torrents.

The realm is a virtual machine running FreeBSD 8, having a lot of services installed and configured, being able to plug into the login server automatically, once powered up. You can download it from

Please use VMWare Player to start it and make sure you have virtualization support enabled in your BIOS.

If you want to hack the virtual machine, you can use SSH, port 22, to log in. Use root / demo to authenticate and go through the source code. Most of the important stuff is in /www

Once your machine starts, it will ask you to authenticate yourself, so please make an account at and use it in the console, once asked.

Please note this is a very early stage system and we’re doing our best to improve it. You are hereby invited to join our forum and discuss your installation. We are uploading the code to github as we speak and will make the repository link public most probably tomorrow.

The purpose of Gameleon is to be open source and based on open standards, so that any game can be developed or improved easily, and we are looking for developers to join our community and expand the capabilities of the realm and the editor.

We will release a lite version of our game editor within 7 days approximately, so please stay tuned for updates.

In the mean time, if you like what we do, please support us by sharing and liking Gameleon’s Kickstarter Campaign. Pledges are welcome too :)

Democratize Games FTW!


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